Rhiot comes with a set of tools making it easier to work with the IoT solutions.

Supported gateway platforms

Rhiot supports following gateway platforms:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 B+ with Raspbian 2015-05-05

Rhiot command line tool (cmd)

The basic tool for Rhiot is the rhiot Bash command. In order to install Rhiot command, execute the following command:

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/rhiot && sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/rhiot

In order to display all avilable commands with their options, execute the rhiot command with --help or -h option:

rhiot --help

Rhiot command line assumes that there is Docker server running on your local machine. An actual commands execution is delegated by Docker client to the Rhiot Docker image. If Docker is not installed (or is installed in a version lower than a minimal version supported), Rhiot cmd will automatically install or upgrade Docker.

rhiot scan

To perform port scanning in your local network and display detected devices, execute a rhiot scan command:

$ rhiot scan
Scanning local networks for devices...

Device type        IPv4 address
RaspberryPi2        /

rhiot deploy-gateway

Deploys gateway to a detected device. In order to install Rhiot gateway on a target device connect it to your local network (using WiFi or the ethernet cable). Then execute the following command on the laptop connected to the same network as your device

rhiot deploy-gateway

From this point forward Rhiot gateway will be installed on your device as rhiot-gateway service and started whenever the device boots up. Under the hood, gateway deployer performs a simple port scanning in a local network and attempts to connect to supported devices using the default SSH credentials.

To see all the options available for the gateway deployer, execute the following command:

rhiot --help

In case of problems with the gateway, you can try to run it in verbose mode (called debug mode):

rhiot deploy-gateway --debug

You can also configure the gateway during the deployment process using the -P option. For example to set the configuration property responsible for gateway heartbeats interval, execute the following command:

rhiot deploy-gateway -Pcamellabs_iot_gateway_heartbeat_rate=10000

You can use the -P option multiple times:

rhiot deploy-gateway -Pfoo=bar -Pbar=qux

If you would like to use different SSH credentials than default (username pi, password raspberry), then pass the --username and --password options to the deployer:

rhiot deploy-gateway --username=john --password=secret

If you would like to deploy your customized gateway fat jar, you can specify its Maven coordinates when running the deployer:

rhiot deploy-gateway --artifact=com.example:custom-gateway:1.0

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