All you need to build the project is Maven 3 and Java 8 JDK

git clone
cd rhiot
mvn install

Building project using Docker

If you don't want to install Java and Maven on your machine, you can use our Docker building image.

1st step (once)

git clone
cd rhiot
docker build -t rhiot build

2nd step

cd rhiot
docker run -v `pwd`:/rhiot --privileged -i -t rhiot

Releasing the project

If you are interested in cutting a release of the project follow steps described below:

Before you start

You have to had a DockerHub account setting configured in your ~/.m2/settings.xml:

Cutting the release

Execute the following command in the project main directory:

mvn release:prepare release:perform

After the release

  • update the version on the main page of the project (website and

  • update release guide Releases Notes using GitHub tickets marked as done in the given version

  • upgrade version in Rhiot command line (tooling/bash/ Look up for a line similar to RHIOT_VERSION=x.y.z.

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